Distance Education

General Information 

ranked 6th best online collegeTaking distance education classes is a great option for people who don’t have time to attend face to face classes, work irregular hours, or have other time commitments. Alvin Community College has different ways that you can take distance education courses:

Internet (IN)

An Internet (IN) class is conducted almost if not entirely online. Some instructors may require that students come to campus for orientations, field trips, or to take tests in an approved testing location. Students must have access to the Internet, as all classes are conducted through MyBlackboard.

Hybrid (HY)

Hybrid courses combine online learning and face-to-face instruction in a manner that reduces the number of face-to-face classroom meetings. Students attend a portion of the class in the traditional classroom at regularly scheduled times and complete the remaining portion of the class online using MyBlackboard.

Is Online Learning a Good Match?

Before you enroll in an online course, you might want to take some time to think about yourself as a learner and see whether your characteristics would help you be a successful online learner. Your answers to these questions can help you decide whether or not to take an online course. You can also talk to an adviser before you decide. Please take this short questionnaire to learn more.

Registering for Online Learning Courses

You register just like any other class. It is best to register during the Early and Regular registration periods to ensure that the classes do not fill up. Additional fees for. Hybrid (HY) and Internet (IN) classes will be charged at the rate listed under Tuition and Fees. Be sure to check the Getting Started Online Options on this page.

Online Readiness Course

The focus of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for ACC is to increase student success in the area of online learning. In order to increase student success in the online learning environment all students taking an online class will be required to take an Online Readiness course administered by Advising

Technical Requirements

Students who enroll in Internet or hybrid courses do not have to own a computer, but they must have access to a computer with access to the Internet. Some course may have specific hardware or software requirements. Be sure to consult your course syllabus for additional requirements.

Note: Students with older, slower computers may have difficulty accessing course materials. Slower Internet speeds can cause file downloads/uploads to take extended periods of time making it difficult to interact with course materials.


Your Internet and hybrid classes can be accessed via Blackboard by clicking “THE POD” at the top of the ACC homepage. Once you have logged into THE POD, you should see your courses, depending on your device, either on the right-hand side or bottom of your screen under “My Classes.”

What Courses Are Offered Online?

Check out Online Degrees and Certificates to see lists of courses that are offered each semester. You may also want to look at a specific syllabus for any Internet class that you are considering.